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I’m pretty sure I mentioned in just about my first post that I SUUUCK!  Seriously!  My last blog post was, when?  But really now, I’ve been far too busy half-assedly attempting crafty projects and ignoring my kid while she plays on one screen or another to blog about it.

This picture?  Has pretty much been the OPPOSITE of my life lately.

This is NOT ME for fucks sake!

But seriously.  My husband ran off to Vegas to hang out with strippers and blow speak at a supergeektastic convention.    I was super duper jealous, so I packed up my lil’ stuff and headed for the hills!  Or Sesame Place, to buy all the things and ride all the rides!  Sadly this venture left me far more exhausted than my girl, who LOOOVED it and could have stayed for a year or more without getting bored.

Sesame Place, though?  Pretty much fucking rocks for little kids.  And no they did not pay me to say that.  I swear, I see blogs that have been open for literally a week, already posting all the swag companies have sent them to review, but that is so not me?  I probably curse too much.  Maybe it’s the strippers and blow.  Shit.

Of course that was only this past week, not the past… um… when was my last post again?  Ages ago!  But things have just been BUSY.  Swimming, splashing, running around, etc.

I had my own little feminist mama fail a few weeks ago, at Costco.  We were checking out their very awesome organic pj’s, when I said to Bella… “Look at these cute ones they have on the boy side!”  Luckily she did not even notice.  This matters to me, even though it is such a little thing in the grand scheme of things.  She really views the world as her oyster right now, and does not see things as being for “girls” or “boys.”  She knows that some people think certain things are just for boys, and she knows it is ridiculous.

Luckily, she saved the day.  And picked out a pair of outer space PJ’s.  From the “boy” side.  That’s my girl!

They are awesome pj’s, btw, but they do run small through the arms AND they have those annoying printed on tags.  I saw a post somewhere that wintergreen oil might work to remove the tags, so I am going to try that.

My daughter’s movie educational activity is over, so I have to run!