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Blue Kangaroo

Check it out!  A series of adorable children’s books featuring… can you believe it?  A little girl who is not blond, or blue eyed, or super svelte and stylish, or bedecked head to toe in sparkly pink.  She is just a sweet, brunette girl in her red shirt and purple skirt who adores her BLUE kangaroo.

I Love You, Blue Kangaroo!

Blond hair? Blue eyes? Bedecked in pink? Nope!

I stumbled on these at the library, and at first didn’t even realize that they were a series!  But they are.  The author, Emma Chichester Clark, has written several books all about blue kangaroo and his adventures and worries.    “I Love You Blue Kangaroo,” was the first we found, and then several months later I stumbled across “Where Are You Blue Kangaroo?”, which I *thought* (in my super space cadet mommybrain) was the same book.  But it’s not!  Then I looked up the author and found there are several more Blue Kangaroo books listed, so now I’m on a mission to find them all.

These are sweet stories that are fun to read, and mellow enough for bedtime!

It’s kind of annoying to notice that the majority of these books I find at the library about non-stereotypical girls are out of print.  Luckily, amazon has used copies of most of them!  But really, I wonder what it says to our kids when little girls with brown hair wearing red shirts are getting replaced by an army of glittering pink children with silky blonde hair.   Oh wait, I know what it says.  Crap.


Book Review: My Name is Not Isabella

My Name is not Isabella

Super cute illustrations!

I saw this book and bought it on impulse, which I am *trying* not to do because we have literally a zillion or so books and I just am flatly unable to ever rehome books.  They are BOOKS.  We’ve been doing a lot at the library lately which is great!  This one grabbed me at the bookstore though, with its subtitle of “Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream?”

The one thing that bugged me when I picked it up is that it was shelved with the “boy” equivalent book, except the subtitle of the boy version is “Just how big can a little KID dream.”  Girls are kids too!  (I know, nitpicky, but I’m a nitpicky person dammit.)

The book has a really cute concept where a little girl pretends to be several different female heroines;  Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie are a few of them.  I love that, and I love how at the end of the book there is a quick paragraph about each of these amazing women and what they were famous for.

I don’t love that there is actually no *story* here.  There is no real conflict or problem to be resolved;  just a little girl pretending, so for me it gets a bit repetitive.   Not repetitive in a lovely lyrical way that is fun to read, but repetitive in the… *yawwwwn* way.

To sum up, I’d say get this one from the library.  I’m just bummed because I impulse-bought it.   And paid full price.  Hmph.

Animal Boogie

You know you are sick of the same old same old Old MacDonald and whatever.  (Does any other mom of a girl make Old Macdonald a female farmer?  I do.  I may be crazy, but I hate how everything is always boysboysboys all the damned time.)

Try something different, f’goodness sakes, and add a little boogie to your life.  Boogie, plus girls climbing trees, plus… can you believe it?  Different skin tones!  Even a child using a wheelchair!  It’s just so nice to see a book with people who are not all cookie cutters white with blond hair for a change!

This is the video featuring illustrations that go along with the book, as well as the song.  These books are so much fun, not only for the singing and dancing but you can use them as a “seek and find” to find different animals on the pages.  Plus they are just gorgeous and so much fun to read.  I am super picky about the things I read to Bella, but these I love.  And 2 year old Bella at the kitchen counter reading along and singing along to the CD was just about too cute to bear!

After you watch the video click here to visit my Barefoot Books marketplace.  There is a book, puzzle, and even an activity book that all go together.  Another favorite (actually the truth is I love it a little bit more) is Walking Through the Jungle, which features a little girl using her imagination to go on adventures with all kinds of animals.