Kudos to Unos!

But not for me, because I have not posted in forever and thus clearly suck.  OR, every time I approach my computer my daughter becomes completely insistent that she neeeeeeeds me RIGHT NOW MOMMY or else just asks me a million questions so I can’t connect two thoughts together.  Many thanks to the Wild Kratts for distracting her right now!

Anyway I took her for lunch at Uno’s Pizzeria recently and was peeking at their kids menu, and check it out!!!!   Kickin’ Kristen next to Pasta Pete!  And on the back, two little tough looking soccer girls!  Can you believe it?  Little girls featured doing *sports*, who are not skinny or wearing pink!

Sorry for the craptastic cell phone pictures, I probably should have brought the menu home and scanned it in so it’d be all pretty and all.  Anyway I am thrilled with Uno’s over this, and they have a “make your own” pizza for kids that is pretty fun, plus a weekday lunch soup bar that is pretty awesome as well.  Go check it out!


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