Animal Boogie

You know you are sick of the same old same old Old MacDonald and whatever.  (Does any other mom of a girl make Old Macdonald a female farmer?  I do.  I may be crazy, but I hate how everything is always boysboysboys all the damned time.)

Try something different, f’goodness sakes, and add a little boogie to your life.  Boogie, plus girls climbing trees, plus… can you believe it?  Different skin tones!  Even a child using a wheelchair!  It’s just so nice to see a book with people who are not all cookie cutters white with blond hair for a change!

This is the video featuring illustrations that go along with the book, as well as the song.  These books are so much fun, not only for the singing and dancing but you can use them as a “seek and find” to find different animals on the pages.  Plus they are just gorgeous and so much fun to read.  I am super picky about the things I read to Bella, but these I love.  And 2 year old Bella at the kitchen counter reading along and singing along to the CD was just about too cute to bear!

After you watch the video click here to visit my Barefoot Books marketplace.  There is a book, puzzle, and even an activity book that all go together.  Another favorite (actually the truth is I love it a little bit more) is Walking Through the Jungle, which features a little girl using her imagination to go on adventures with all kinds of animals.


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