Stalked by Barbie

Well, seriously!  This chick is EVERYwhere.  You simply cannot avoid her.  Case in point:  at the grocery store last week, I stumbled across the following toy.  This was a big display, next to an endcap of an aisle.  It was turned to face the MEAT department;  you know the big aisle that runs all the way along the back of the store.  So, yeah, you really cannot avoid these images for your kids.

Yes to WHAT.

Here she is, visiting the meat department of a grocery store near you!

She said yes!  Ken has a big ol’ kiss on his face!  Ken and Barbie are face to face in a romantic way!  She said yes… in a bathing suit!  Because she couldn’t possibly say yes in, I dunno, jeans and a t-shirt, right?

Bah!  What do you think it tells both little girls and little boys when these images are the ones they see everywhere, all the time, day in and day out?  And then they approach the checkout and are bombarded with magazines featuring big breasted cover models talking about their weight loss, and big buff guys flexing their muscles.   I just want to avoid some of the bombardment but marketers sure don’t make it easy!


2 responses to “Stalked by Barbie

  1. Courtney Ostaff

    Which is why I avoid shopping! 😉

  2. Ha! I was lucky that night that Bella was not with me. But how do you avoid grocery shopping? Most people can’t just live in a bubble. I have *tried* to create a bubble for Bella in some respects (a lot, actually) but I know that I have been much more proactive about it than most people are, or are able to be. (Like her teacher at MyGym yesterday who told her to be a princess on the balance beam. Grrrr!)

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