Oh, shit!

So Bella was around 3 when we visited her cousins.  She has three of them, all beautiful pre-teen/tween girls.  One had her iPod shuffle, and headphones, and Bella was all…. ooooh, shiny, what’s THAT!  Cousin let her listen to a song on the ipod, which btw was freakin’ adorable.  The song was “Boom Boom Pow,” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Now, fwiw, I love that song.  It’s a fun song.  And I think what appealed to her about it was the… well, the BOOM of it.  I didn’t even realize at first how many times they say SHIT in that song.  Once I did, I got online to look for a clean version of the song, but all I could find was a really dreadful version by KidzBop.

She didn’t pick up on the “shit” at first, but now she has.  Once I heard my sweet faced 4 year old say “shit” for the first time, I talked to her about how that is not a nice word to say.  Thus, making the whole thing a thousand times worse.  Now, she specifically works to enunciate the “shit.”  “Next level visual SHIT,” she hollers.  *sigh*

Today when she sang it, again, I said “OK, remember, you can only sing that part of the song when you are with Mommy.”  She replied huffily, “But I AM with you Mommy.”  Then added, “But why can’t I say it when I’m all alone?”  I had to cede the point that it is probably fine to say “shit” when she is all alone.

She outsmarts me on a daily basis, I just hope she doesn’t run around school hollering “shit” from the rooftops.


4 responses to “Oh, shit!

  1. “We don’t say it because some people could find it offensive, honey, and we don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings. We don’t say it by ourselves because then we form bad habits, and say it even when we don’t mean to. They sing it in the song because it is a bad word, and they want people to stop and pay attention to what they’re saying. But you are much smarter than that, and you can get people to pay attention to you without saying hurtful words. Can you think of any other words to use?”

  2. Bella’s eyes would be glazing over after about the first period! Her attention span for anything remotely lecture-sounding has fallen off drastically in recent months!

    I’ll have to find a video of her singing this song… it is HILARIOUS. I wish I could have found another song similar, but her golden cousins played this song for her so it is her universal and forever favorite.

  3. Well, you don’t have to say it all at once. It’s the just the line of reasoning I would use, with the responses to the typical questions built in. I’d probably get a lot of “Why?” in there, with Gwen. 😉

  4. Oh, yes, that is true! Luckily she has not said it outside of singing the song, when she will stop and say to me… “Mommy, it’s ok if I say shit when it’s just us, right?” LOL! She cracks me up. Thus far, she has never said it outside of the song. I have not even discussed what it means, just told her it’s not a nice word.

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