Wanna see?

Groovy Girl outfitI’m so inordinately proud of this one.  My latest attempt to fashionably attire our growing collection of Groovy Girls.   I know I’m a huge dork but I think it is super cute!  The green is kind of a spring grass green, and I embroidered (!!!) some little swirly flowery things on there and then hot glued some sparkles. I used pink ribbon for the straps.

My daughter hates it.  *sigh*


4 responses to “Wanna see?

  1. Kids! No taste 😛

    I think it’s really cute. I love the embroidery.

  2. Oh, that is cute.

    Man, what is it with them hating the clothes! I crocheted a top for ds’s babydoll, and he *immediately* stripped it off. Apparently, it’s a nudist baby.

  3. Well, I think it’s cute. Little ones have different tastes. Also, it’s not made of slinky material. 😉

  4. I made a new dress with tulle (!!!) that has gotten the seal of approval… I’ll post a pic soon!

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