It’s about time!

Yesterday I had a 25% off your whole purchase coupon at Michael’s, so my daughter and I went to stock up on some stuff.  Especially paints, because we were all out of kid safe paints for her.  So we were in the paints/markers/crayons aisle for kids and I saw the coolest thing which I’ve never seen before… multicultural markers!  Real live skin tones! I seriously just about passed out from the coolness.  What a brilliant idea.  I hope everyone runs out to buy some!   Because with the typical markers you absolutely can’t find anything even remotely resembling a skin tone.  Plus how cool is it to hand a child a box with such a wide variety of shades and let them know that people come in *all* those different shades and how wonderful that is!  Love, love, love!  I would hate to see Crayola discontinue these for lack of interest, so run run to Michaels and buy some.  I bet there is a 40% off coupon out there on the world wide interwebz somewhere…. Oooh, here are some!


4 responses to “It’s about time!

  1. Just curious, what did they name the colors?

  2. Those are completely acceptable names. I was wondering… Haha!

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