Loving to Panic

Panic, panic, panic!  Danger Will Robinson!

I am hosting… a crafting party at my house… for LITTLE KIDS… on Superbowl Sunday.

Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I don’t know!  I guess I thought it sounded like fun!  But now here I am on Thursday, the house is a disaster, and I haven’t picked what crafts to do yet.  I think I’ll cut big hearts out of cardstock and let the kids go crazy decorating them with spangles and sparkles, but that’s not really a *thing*, is it?

I’m thinking about having this fairy love tree, and this lovebugs craft to do.   Well, maybe I should just do the lovebugs.  The real problem is that several of the kids are going to be very small, under 3’s, and I need stuff that they can do.  If anyone has any ideas, please do leave a comment, because clearly I’m sitting here wasting time on the interwebz instead of cleaning my house!


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