Groovy Girls: Full of Win!

I have so many problems, high among them is my compulsive shopping habits.   Also, I’m addicted to toys.  I confess that about 75% of my daughters toys have been bought by me, with me in mind.   Hey if I have to be a prop in her play, at least we can play with pretty toys, right?!?!

Well anyways.  Right about now is where I disabuse you of any notion that you are at one of those mommyblogs where the mommy is this amazing and perfect crafter and super sexy housekeeper and decorator.  My house is a disaster.   I a) acquire way too much stuff and b) it’s usually really good stuff that I don’t want to get rid of, and c) I live in a tiny house with no closet space and d) I’m currently completely overwhelmed with where to put… well, anyfuckingthing.   Now that we have *that* out of the way, on with the actual topic of the post!

So!  Groovy Girls!  My daughter is many things but it’s pretty fair to say she loves everything girly.  Barbies, princesses, makeup, the whole nine yards.  Her favorite color is blue and I consider myself a bit lucky in that regard, at least for now.  I have surrendered a lot of territory on the princess front, for a lot of reasons.  Recently a friend gifted me 7 or so Barbies.  Ordinarily I would hide something like that and just disappear it without my sweet girl ever even knowing, but she was there and picked them out herself (from my friend’s daughter’s overflowing basket of Barbie’s!).  So.  Here I am, feminist mama bear, with a bunch of naked Barbies and just perplexed about what to do with them.

What I wound up doing was letting her play with them.  I even made them a few little dresses, though they wound up being flatly disastrous.  I am a noob sewer and those teeeeeeeeeeensy tiny little seams just did me in!  Gradually I’ve been tucking the Barbie’s away because truly, I am not a big fan of Barbie.  I realize that what my daughter wants is a “grown up” kind of doll with tons of clothes and accessories who is pretty and, of course, lotsa sparkle!

Enter Groovy Girls.  We stumbled across this one at a local toy store on one boring, cold, rainy day.  I snagged the opportunity, and also this sweet little doctor clothing kit to go with her.   My daughter was in love, and played with her all day long.

The really remarkable part came when my daughter asked if she could take her dolly in the bathtub with her.  I thought long and hard about it and was not sure, but said yes… I told her that her dolly’s hair might not be as pretty afterward, and that she probably could not sleep with her that night as she’d be wet.  My girl nodded, took her doll in the tub, and had a BLAST.  Washed her hair, and body, with her own soap and conditioner.

After the bath, I took the doll and wrapped her up tight in some of our prefold diapers to squeeze out the water.  Shockingly, most of the water came out within a few minutes.  By the time we got into bed about 10 minutes later, she was only a little bit damp.  I really couldn’t believe it!  She was also totally intact.  Her hair has dried a bit less curly, but otherwise perfectly.  So I can say with some assurance that your little girl absolutely can bathe with her Groovy Girl doll!  (FWIW we did take off the fancy princess dress first.)

With only two outfits, yesterday I attempted making one.  Slightly easier than Barbie clothes since it is bigger, still, I am just awful at sewing.  I keep plodding along, though!  I have to get better eventually, and I take heart in the fact that it used to take me an hour and a lot of cursing just to thread my sewing machine, and now that is easy peasy!  Anyways, here is our dolly and the little dress I made her.

I used this tutorial over at Craft Gossip, I just made the top into a dress instead of a top.  I used a ribbon that I ironed in half to bind the seam up top, and then hot glued sparkly little flowers over my truly dreadful stitching.  I guess I also did the straps differently although that was not so much intentional as it was that I did not notice.

Yep, my desk is a mess behind the doll.  I told you so!

I really love this doll, I love that she has a normal looking body (aside from her groovaliciously humongous feet!) and face, I love that her boobs are not cartoonishly large.  She actually doesn’t have breasts at all, much like your average little girl.  She does have an adorable belly button though.


2 responses to “Groovy Girls: Full of Win!

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog and I have to say, the second paragraph of this entry made my heart so happy. Thank you for not being a super-mom. 🙂 It thrilled me to know that your home is just as messy and unorganized as mine, and for the same reasons too! I’d like to think that my kids will remember their childhood as one where Mum spent more time with them and less time fretting over having a house that looks like a child never stepped foot in it. My bubs are happy, clean and fed- they are my first priority. Granted, I would probably have a tidier home if I didn’t spend my small amount of ‘me time’ on the computer browsing blogs and FB….

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