Island of Misfit Mamas

I’m a complete and utter misfit, and always have been, my entire life.

This is not, repeat, not a pity party.   Generally speaking I think I’m pretty fucking awesome, plus insanely lucky.  I love my daughter beyond all sense, adore my husband, am a super lucky chick who has so much to be grateful for.

But I’m talking about *fitting in*, which is a different thing entirely.

I have never fit in with the crunchy mama crowd because I’m pro-vaccine, and pro-science, and anti-homeopathy (ie: very expensive, specially shaken water).   I don’t fit in with mainstream mamas because I don’t believe in spanking, shaming, CIO, or generally treating kids like a burden to be dealt with until you can boot them out the door at 18.  I’ve never fit in with the breastfeeders because I had extremely low supply and had to supplement.  I’m fat, but I don’t fit in with the fat advocacy folks because I think I’m *too* fat and am fucking sick of it and am in the process of having weight loss surgery.  I love to craft, but I suck at it.  Sewing, knitting, general gluing things together with hot glue, spitballs, various other sticky substances.  I love being a mom but I’m not that great at it and I am shittastic at keeping a beautiful house.  All those mommyblogs where the moms have those amazing hi-res photos of gorgeously color-coordinated children sitting around a gorgeously color-coordinated table with a perfectly appointed tablescape (a la’ Sandra Lee)?  You will not be seeing anything like that here.  Odds are if I post a picture here it will have dog hair, leaves that have been tracked in, or other assorted random clutter around.

Random is the name of the game for now.  My brain is completely scattered most of the time, so it’s just logical that my blog will be too, right?

PS, I totally spent like two hours trying to make a wrap shirt out of two old shirts from this seemingly simple tutorial, and what works so nicely for her became a disaster with straps for me.   My primary success with it was that only one of the sleeves wound up inside out!


One response to “Island of Misfit Mamas

  1. Wow, it’s like we were separated at birth! 🙂

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