Pink Riot…

Sooooo, I think I’ve finally settled on a name for my new blog, my new outlet for ranting at the pink-swathed universe that exists for girls.  My previous blog was, but my sweet baby girl is now a great big girl of four years old, and the world is an entirely different place!  Now you can get every single solitary thing your babe will ever ever ever need, in appropriately hued pink.  Start those little girls off on the right foot!  When she was a baby it was much easier to navigate the universe, I had much more control.  Now, not so much.  (Er, if any.)

Plus, holy fucking hell, do we moms need one more blog showcasing a gorgeously perfect manicured mom creating masterpieces out of her recycling which is all organized by alphabet, date, and color, and crafting homemade meals from her home grown garden?  We do not.  There are  enough wonderful blogs out there to make the rest of us feel craptastic.  My blog, which will feature my failed crafting attempts, feeble efforts to mother correctly, my frequently trampled upon (by my headstrong daughter) ideals,  and my extraordinarily messy house, should make everyone feel pretty damned good about themselves.

Oh in case you didn’t notice already, this blog will also be chock full of Bad Grammar!!  Plus, cursing.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


One response to “Pink Riot…

  1. Already lovin’ on your blog. You are right. Who needs to read about the “perfect mom” when all we really need is to know we are not alone.

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